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Will the new levels arrive before 2022? 


When are you going to add more levels??


It’s in the works, I promise ;)


Okay, still waiting patiently...




Brah, sokoban 2 just dropped and its lit 🔥🔥

Fantastic idea, and well executed game

Thanks a lot :)

Very nice set of fun, challenging puzzles. Not always that easy a combination to achieve. I strongly encourage you to keep going, but I admit I was grateful when I got to the end of these. I also like the way you did the level select page. Thanks.


Thanks for playing! The level select is no thanks to me, I'm using Pancelor's level select fork for Puzzlescript  (


this is really great! I’m stuck on the last level. I loved the moment in the middle where it seemed like the mechanics had changed, but then realizing that actually they had just become more general

Thank you! I rushed out the last level to meet the deadline, so if it’s a bit rough that would be why. I love trying to construct those moments.


Really nice! Lots of fun exploring of what's going on.  I'm not at the end yet, but have enjoyed what I played so far (just in the thick of gravity-flipping levels and my brain needs a break).

Thanks for the lovely game :)


Thanks for playing and thanks for the great engine!

Loved it! I had always assumed that regular sokoban had a top-down perspective, but obviously it's just the absence of gravity ;)

The last level took a bit of figuring out, but I got there eventually — hope you build this out further post-jam!

Thanks a lot!

Really neat game ! The best part is at the middle, when you can change gravity himself.

Thanks :)

Really neat and engaging mechanic! 

Thanks for playing!


Everything from start to finish is amazing. I want to play more levels.

Thank you so much! I definitely plan to make more :)