Grapple with gravity across a dark, puzzling landscape. I swear it's not blood.

Made using  Pancelor's level select fork for Puzzlescript. Originally made for Lowrezjam,  using the theme "Gravity is the enemy".  The jam had a restriction of 64*64 pixels, and I used 60*60 pixels. This is a post-jam version with better sound/visuals and more levels.


  • Z is undo
  • R is restart
  • WASD or arrow keys for movement 
  • ESC exits to the level select or menu
  • M is mute

Source code and some unused levels (previously bonus levels 31-35):

Youtube play-throughs (spoilers!): 

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, LOWREZJAM, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, PuzzleScript
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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Really good so far. Level 20 has bested me at the moment, so I’m taking a quick break. Looking forward to beating the game! 

Glad you're enjoying :)


My playthrough videos. Level 27 is my favorite one.

Wait, where is the ending cinematic you talked about in the devlog ?

Level 30

Uh, I thought it was on level 35.

Really impressive idea and levels!

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it


this one is a pleasure to play and hits the sweet spot in terms of difficulty! every puzzle has something interesting about it. and the transition levels are very welcome, i dont see them too often in puzzle games so this adds a nice litte touch




loved it! i REALLY like how you've managed to squeeze so much from one concept. a lot of other puzzlers i've played introduce new objects or mechanics when the main quirk of the game has nothing new left to explore/build upon, but the concept here has so much nuance (and potential!) that virtually nothing new was added that wasn't already there from the first level, and yet it still manages to stay interesting and fun to play. i think that says a lot about your skill with both concept design AND level design. really great stuff :D


Thanks for the compliments :D.
Exploring the key idea is definitely my design sensibility - I might be allergic to new puzzle elements XD


i hope your allergy doesn't get cured :)


Excellently put.  Now, for more levels for free for all


Alright!  Thanks for making more levels!  I figured them all out.  When will you be adding more levels?  ;) 

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Glad you enjoyed, good work beating them :) Maybe not for a while hahah ;)

Great stuff!

Thanks! :)

Dude, really nice. I was wondering, "Why is there gravity in the name?" and then boom. Great work!

Thanks a lot!


Will the new levels arrive before 2022? 


When are you going to add more levels??


It’s in the works, I promise ;)


Okay, still waiting patiently...


Are... are you pressuring them to make more levels for this entirely free game? You're not entitled to more levels.


It's not entirely free.  It costs electricity. You'd love to cancel me. Culture club member you!


Can't tell whether this is a joke or a bait. At least, I hope it's one of those two...




Brah, sokoban 2 just dropped and its lit 🔥🔥

Fantastic idea, and well executed game

Thanks a lot :)

Very nice set of fun, challenging puzzles. Not always that easy a combination to achieve. I strongly encourage you to keep going, but I admit I was grateful when I got to the end of these. I also like the way you did the level select page. Thanks.


Thanks for playing! The level select is no thanks to me, I'm using Pancelor's level select fork for Puzzlescript  (


this is really great! I’m stuck on the last level. I loved the moment in the middle where it seemed like the mechanics had changed, but then realizing that actually they had just become more general

Thank you! I rushed out the last level to meet the deadline, so if it’s a bit rough that would be why. I love trying to construct those moments.


Really nice! Lots of fun exploring of what's going on.  I'm not at the end yet, but have enjoyed what I played so far (just in the thick of gravity-flipping levels and my brain needs a break).

Thanks for the lovely game :)


Thanks for playing and thanks for the great engine!

Loved it! I had always assumed that regular sokoban had a top-down perspective, but obviously it's just the absence of gravity ;)

The last level took a bit of figuring out, but I got there eventually — hope you build this out further post-jam!

Thanks a lot!

Really neat game ! The best part is at the middle, when you can change gravity himself.

Thanks :)

Really neat and engaging mechanic! 

Thanks for playing!


Everything from start to finish is amazing. I want to play more levels.

Thank you so much! I definitely plan to make more :)