A block pushing game with a mysterious goal.

Press escape to go to back to the level select and replay levels you have already solved.

Made using Puzzlescript.


  • Z is undo
  • R is restart
  • WASD or arrow keys for movement 
  • X or Enter proceeds after solving a level
  • ESC exits to the level select or menu
  • M is mute

Mobile-friendly link/source code: https://dario-zubovic.github.io/PuzzleScript/play.html?p=57084dce3c309bd2f57e5c2bb301fa02

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, blocks, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript, rule-discovery, Short, Singleplayer, Sokoban, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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That was a cool game, I like the rule-discovery type of game and I am surprised I haven't seen this concept before. It's great!


wow... it was fun.
Interesting concept in a sokoban game.

amazing concept and execution! really enjoyed figuring out the rules, the best "twist" i experienced in my understanding was level 13

Interesting. Glad you enjoyed!

Realized that I never left a comment back when I first played, but I really love this game. Perfect level of discovery-over-time. Stuck with it all the way to the end, great work.

I wrote a short blog post about the game:


Thanks for sharing this, and for playing :)

very very satisfying, realising what i had to do to solve the final level was a treat <3

Thanks, glad you enjoyed :)

great idea thank you!


finally I solved all 17 levels, gg


Nice work, thanks for playing :)


FYI - playing in firefox, and even after completing a level, it wouldn't show up in the level select screen. vivaldi, edge, and chrome seemed to work okay

Thanks for the heads up. Puzzlescript in general seems to run differently in Firefox for some reason (it runs slower for me).

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Loved this one for many different reasons, but I thought the "hidden in plain sight" concept was especially well done. The solutions are so simple and obvious in retrospect, showing how hard it is to change your existing assumptions (that worked perfectly well for the levels before).

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I noticed an unused item in the source code. What is it ?

There are a couple unused levels which use it at the bottom - it’s (in rot13) Onfvpnyyl n cvg gung vf svyyrq va ol chfuvat n oybpx vagb vg. I didn’t spend enough effort to figure out if you can make any interesting levels using it, but it seemed tricky to design for and perhaps unnecessary. 

Decided to make 6 levels with the pits. Tell me what do you think.

Here : Secure-Pit-Levels-Concepts/Full code at main · Stingby12/Secure-Pit-Levels-Concepts (github.com)

This is exactly like one of the things I love about The Witness, having to keep forming and rejecting hypotheses. I think I went all the way to the second-to-last level before entirely getting the rules, but I never felt completely lost. Very clever design and progression. Also I just liked the aesthetic. Very satisfying sounds. Thanks for sharing this!

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Thanks for playing! It sounds like you got exactly the experience I was aiming for :)

I don't see any rhyme nor reason for the rules.  What do you do for level 14? 

I'm not sure on the best way to give hints about the rules, but just for solving level 14 I would say (in rot13) pbafvqre gur yrsg fvqr bs yriry 13. 

This is amazing. Good job.

Thank you!

i haven't seen rules like this!

Very cool! Great project!

Thanks a lot!


What an incredible idea for a puzzle game. I gotta say, there were a couple of levels that stumped me at first, but in the end, this truly was a very clever game with some interesting solutions! Very simplistic, but still challenging enough to make you feel accomplished when you complete it. I made an Itch account just to comment lol. Very good, would love to see more in the future, but still satisfied with this game.

Thanks a lot! I have some ideas for ways to extend it, but as you might imagine I find the concept quite tricky to work with ;)

I can't say much about it because it would be a spoiler. Anyway, it was great. #17 is my favorite.

Thanks for playing :)


This is really clever! The levels are really well structured to generate an unfolding sense of the goal, which can then be upended a surprising number of times. And even when you think you've definitively figured it out, there's somehow still another a-ha moment on the way to true understanding. Bravo :)

Thank you!


This is excellent! It's like "reverse sokoban".

Thank you! That's definitely an apt description. I think there's something cathartic about subverting the constraints we're so used to.