This game was made in a week for the Thinky Puzzle Game Jam, the theme being "The Elephant in the Room." 

The safety of an elephant is guaranteed by the presence of its herd - predators are unlikely to strike even the weak or the very young if the elephants are looking out for each other.


  • Left click on a vertex to place an elephant there, then click on an adjacent elephant to protect it. (You can also click and drag)
  • Right click to remove an elephant you already placed

This was my first game made with Godot. It is likely that this will not be the final form of the game, since a few things are unfinished, and there is a lot more potential to the underlying mechanics than is explored in these quick puzzles.

resources used:

Elephant Head Silhouette Vectors by Vecteezy  (for the adult elephant head)

Nature Vectors by Vecteezy (for the baby elephant silhouette)

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Tagselephant, Mouse only, Short, Singleplayer


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This was fun but I wonder if this might need some additional mechanics to scale up the puzzle difficulty? In these levels, at every step there was always at least one elephant whose placement was enforced locally (because a baby elephant could only be reached from one side, or because an empty cell could only reach one baby elephant). Though letting trunks cross might already be enough. Definitely a cool idea! :)


Thanks for playing! Yeah, the rules need some work for sure to make it interesting, but I think there probably is potential - this is basically the simplest version of the rules possible (the equivalent paper puzzle I realised is “make a domino tiling where each baby elephant belongs to a different domino” which is inherently simple). I didn’t get around to figuring out the details of why you would want to protect adult elephants for example.

The theme is really cute (and who doesn't want to protect baby elephants?).  The logic did feel fairly basic, and more than once I finished a level only to find that something hadn't "clicked", and I had a parental elephant whose trunk was right next to but somehow not quite attached to a baby elephant.

Thanks for the feedback, the not clicking seems like something to fix for sure. (Actually making interesting puzzle rules may be slightly harder, although the input is there so it shouldn’t be too hard to add if I come up with some)

this was fun :)

Thanks for playing :)