Freed from its brick prison, an indecisive spirit must arrange boxes while avoiding entrapment.


  • Z is undo
  • R is restart
  • WASD or arrow keys for movement 

Mobile friendly link:

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, blocks, fire, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript, Short, Singleplayer, Sokoban, walls


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cool game

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Wow, this is really cool

Lvl 3 is tough though, i think i found a game that can entertain me for weeks. Could you give me the “hack” link? I want to see how the heck this was coded, especially the animations for the player and the “posessed” walls

Edit: i just solved it in 30 seconds… i guess taking a break helps! I probably have the right idea for lvl 4, working on it now!

Edit 2: aaand i just cleared lvl 4 in 2 minutes… my brain is finally working. Lvl 5 seems like an extension of lvl 4

Edit 3: HELL YES i cleared lvl 5. That was the first level that forced me to think! Loving this :) lvl 6 is interesting, especially the interaction that i discover. The spirit IS really indecisive.

Edit 4: UHHHH WHY IS THE DIFFICULTY SPIKE THAT LARGE? I understand the idea of the level, but idk how to solve it. 

Edit 5: oh wow, i guess i didn’t figure out the main idea of the level after all! Very clever trick. And i guess lvl 7 was just making sure i understood the interaction, it was rather easy for me. Lvl 8 too. (Honestly i think the difficulty curve for lvl 6-8 is too flat)

Edit 6: lvl 9 was rather tricky, enjoyed it! Doing the final level tmr :)

There’s a hack link in the mobile friendly link in the description.

Glad you’re enjoying and thanks for the running commentary!

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Just started level 10 today and i can’t do it

Main problem is the rightmost box in the 3x3 grid on the left (i know i have to “solve” the 3x3 before i move on to the puzzle on the right (which is probably just sokoban)

Thanks for the hack link though :)

 Edit: oh i just solved the 3x3 mini puzzle! Was quite tricky for me. Finally done with mortar! (Took about 1h10 minutes for me, with lvl 6 taking up the most time)


Some interesting mechanical ideas!
I also very much appreciate the visual work on the spirit and flame trail.
The "laughing" sound effect the first time it comes out is really neat.


Thank you!


Fantastic game, I really love it.

The Animations with the flames are really ambitious (especially the trail when you move). The sound design is actually smarter than I first realized. And even some twisty story.

You explore the mechanic really well, starting off to show the easy cases and then move on to really show how deep some of the parts gets, without starting to introduce more mehcanics or anything. 

Simple, interesting, clean. Well done!

That's high praise! Thank you, glad you enjoyed.

Very cool :) Well done. 

I suck though :D:D



Don’t worry, it’s not easy ;)

Just completed Level 3 and my brain exploded lol. Seems like a night of sleep was useful lol.

Nice! Yeah fresh eyes can can really do wonders sometimes.