A festive one-screen puzzle made for Day 21 of The Confounding Calendar 2021.

Made using Puzzlescript, and the colour palette Lost in the desert


  • Z is undo
  • R is restart
  • WASD or arrow keys for movement 
  • ESC exits to the menu
  • M is mute

Source code: https://www.puzzlescript.net/editor.html?hack=7fe22...

Puzzlescript link: https://www.puzzlescript.net/play.html?p=7fe22...

Youtube play-through (spoilers!): 


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Walkthrough for Every Star Needs a Tree

In which we commit deforestation in the name of christmas


Also, I managed to get one tree to be longer while still solving the level. So that's cool.


That was a super super super super nice level.  Thank you!


Your game made my list! https://youtu.be/jpLiF707O0Q

Nice, thanks for featuring it :)

Great game!  (Hey, Toombler, what happened to adding new levels to your other game, That Gravity Glow... ??

ha! that was tricky! well played!
thank you so much...
merry christmas and happy holidays!

Merry Christmas! Thanks for playing :)

I really enjoyed that! Hard but fair, it took me a few runs to fully understand what I wanted to do, and it felt great!

That’s great to hear! :D

That was insane.  I, probably like many people, spent a really long time stalled on "I can get six, sure, but seven is just not possible!".  It is possible, curse you.  Man.

6/7 is definitely turning out to be a sticking point - thanks for persevering!


Wow, props for fitting like 6 different twists in a single screen puzzle. One of the most deceptively complicated puzzles I think I’ve ever played! Took a good 25 minutes to solve and I was 99% certain it was impossible until the very last minute. Great work!

Good work solving it, and thanks a lot!

Awesome and super challenging. Never felt so proud of myself for solving a puzzle :)


Congrats, thanks for playing :)

I can get six of the 7 stars on a tree.  I don't see how to get that star on the right in the bottom room out of there, or destroying that tree above it.  

Ok, I figured it out! Very clever. Thanks for making! 

Nice work :)