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this was a lot of fun

but some levels are a bit too easy to brute force without thinking :p


Very amusing concept! I laughed out loud at the second level. Amusing seeing the objects get dragged on the handkercheif, it feels silly and powerful.


I get a little tired of all the Sokoban variants during things like the Thinky jam (Puzzlescript is basically designed for two kinds of game: sokoban, and everything else), but this was 100% the exception.  When the challenge isn't "can you sokoban" but things like "can you avoid having to move any crates at all" or "can you set up the level yourself so that you can solve it", it's way more interesting.  Thoroughly enjoyed this.

thanks so much for the kind words!

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Just beat it. What a great concept and a superb execution!



was the last level supposed to spell something but you gave up?

lol it did spell something, rot13(gur pengrf naq tbnyf jrer cnegf bs gur fcryyvat juvyr gur jnyyf jrer abg, naq vg fubhyq fcryy gur zrffntr GNQN!)


The first half of the message turned out fine, but the second half was unfortunately mangled by my errant handkerchief flourishes. This doubtless caused my faithful magician character to revise any plans to move on to sawing assistants in half.

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Oh interesting, I thought it was forced - I’ll look at it again.

Hmm, still can’t find it. I guess magic really isn’t meant to be understood.

It all looked forced to me except the final "room" (which, needless to say, I did wrong the first time, trapping a box in a corner)--I think you can choose to weave up/down/up or right/left/right, basically.

That is what I was going for - my intention was for only the correct punctuation to be solvable, which I think is the case but I might be missing something.