Free Demo Available

I've put together a short demo of the game which you can play now!

It includes 14 levels from the start of the game, to whet your appetite :)

Hope you enjoy!


Headlong Hunt Demo Windows 36 MB
Apr 24, 2023


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Just played the demo the moment you sent the file. The art is epic but it lacks a bit in new game play mechanics. The only new mechanic I could try out was the ice cubes, and again, it doesn't show much, it's just a block that can make bridges.

... I guess there's the trailer that shows the interaction with the new glowing blocks, but that's it.

Thanks for playing!

For the demo I decided to take a pretty minimal approach. I didn’t want to show too much, in case people feel satisfied enough not to try the full game. As such the demo probably isn’t that interesting for people who already played the PuzzleScript version unfortunately.